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HOTELM A N AG EMEN T.NE T | June 1, 2016 SPECIAL REPORT 51 Company name Website Headquarters Contact Contact email Global lodging project revenue Completed lodging projects in 2015 Estimated completed projects in 2016 Segments served* Additional segments served* Company type*** Prada+Kulich & Associates Dallas San Francisco Baltimore Marina del Rey, Calif. Houston San Francisco Atlanta Carlos G. Oroza $632,000 $2,700,000 $2,011,981 $23,820,555 $11,200,000 $8,908,833 $8,003,425 5 2 8 7 NA 5 3 8 4 10 9 NA 5 NA UU, U, UM L, UU, U, UM, M UU, U, UM L, UU, U, UM L, UU, U, UM, M L, UU, U L, UU, U, UM, M R, S, VT, Resi., H R, S, CS R, S, Resi. R, S, O/R, CS R, S, VT, Resi., O/R, CS R, VT, Resi. R, S, Resi., O/R, H R, Resi., O/R, H, C R, S, VT, H R, S, O/R, C R, S, C R R R, S, O/R, H VT R, S, Resi., O/R, H R, S, Resi., O/R All R, Resi, H R, S, VT, Resi., O/R, CS R, S, Resi., O/R, CS A, D D D D A, D A A Puccini Group Erica Bellman R. D. Jones & Associates Bernard V. Holnaider Rebel Design+Group Douglas DeBoer Rottet Studio Kyle Rottet SB Architects Heather Hebert Smallwood, Reynolds, Stewart, Stewart & Associates Gil Garrison SOSH Architects Atlantic City, N.J. New York Dallas Chicago Douglaston, N.Y. Richmond, Va. Atlanta Atlanta Chicago Dallas Irvine, Calif. Chicago Dallas New York Kimberly McCarron $2,249,681 $13,845,500 $1,485,000 $16,800,000 $2,000,000 $1,760,310 $9,300,000 $250,000 $18,944,825 $1,215,835 $69,034,000 $1,700,000 $46,000,000 $15,000,000 23 9 14 225 4 45 8 13 45 6 NA 14 28 0 28 10 18 260 4 45 9 15 65 7 180 19 54 5 L, UU, U, UM, M L, UU, U, UM, M All L, UU, U, UM, M All U, UM L, UU, U All L, UU, U, UM L, UU, U, UM L, UU, U, UM, M L, UU L, UU, U, UM L, UU, U, UM A, D A, D A, D D A A, D A, D D A, D D A, D D D D Stonehill & Taylor Architects Paul Taylor Studio 11 Design Kellie Sirna The Gettys Group Brad Gookins The Winthrop Group Thomas Hamilton & Associates Constantino Sagonas Doreen Louderback tvsdesign Ron Crawford Van Dresser Jillian Van Dresser VOA Associates Theresa Danko waldrop+nichols studio Reggi Nichols WATG | Wimberly Interiors Michael R. Seyle Whitespace Interiors Michael Dalton Wilson Associates Olivier Chavy Yabu Pushelberg Kaitlyn Thornton Footnotes: NA means not answered or not applicable. All data are current as of 12/31/2015 unless otherwise noted. *: L = luxury, UU = upper-upscale, U = upscale, UM = upper-midscale, M = midscale, E = economy **: R = restaurant/lounge, S = spa, VT = vacation-ownership/timeshare, Resi. = residential, O/R = office/retail, H = healthcare, C = casino/gaming, CS = cruise ship ***: A = architecture, D = design, C = contractor Participating in HOTEL MANAGEMENT surveys is voluntary. Editors do not hold responsibility for companies that fail to report or that report incorrect data. Visit for more information on how to participate.

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